Porsche Centre Glasgow - Sytner Group

“Setting up the HAVwear system was straight forward and simple including the tagging of tools. The tool operators found it easy to use making sure to switch off the HAVwear during breaks. I also prefer wrist worn monitors instead of tool mounted devices as they used to get damaged or knocked off the tool. I also like how seamlessly and quickly the data is downloaded to the analytics platform once the HAVwear watches are docked back onto the Docking Stations. This removes the need for paper work, saving time and money and it’s reassuring that the data is much more accurate than estimating with a paper based system, especially for trigger times”.
“I find the Analytics Platform user friendly and the data easy to understand which enables me to see if there are any issues with tools or operator usage. The Sensed Exposure Points (SEP) data  is a definite advantage of HAVwear as it provides a more accurate indicator in terms of vibration magnitudes and exposure experienced by our operators. Without SEP you just have tool trigger time data which HAVwear also provides but having both data sets is a big advantage. Using SEP data within the analytics we soon identified a number of tools that we investigated further in terms of their programmed vibration magnitudes. For example some flex polishers had estimated vibration magnitudes of 2.4m/s while SEP data reported them at 9m/s. The data can also help direct us to review other tool makes and models that are lower vibration.” 
“Lastly HAVwear through monitoring tools, usage and exposure further helps us to meet health and safety compliance”.


J. Murphy & Sons Limited

“We have been able to apply resources and measures more effectively to address our vibration risk”.

"One of the key benefits of introducing a wearable monitor was that it raised awareness of HAVS at source while also providing a good investment in the long-term health of employees. It is testament to Murphy proactively investing in HAVS technology that Murphy has been given a bursary from its insurance company. Ultimately the introduction of HAVS wrist monitoring is an investment in the long-term health of employees. They can react in real time before thresholds are breached".

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Morgan Sindall - BBMV Cross rail project

"Deploying Reactec HAVwear is recognition that compliance to the directive is not enough. For example using a paper based system complied with the basic requirement of the directive but the information collected was weak and did not support the essence of the directive for continuous reduction. Continuous digital monitoring goes beyond the directive and establishes a useable management tool to raise awareness and educate tool users". 

"The Reactec Analytics Platform delivers an auditable, tamper proof system that shows each and every operator’s exposure. This data can be recalled at any time either from the platform or the archive to show an operators total exposure history. This would be irrefutable evidence more robustly protecting both the business and the client".

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Sir Robert McAlpine

“It made tangible an invisible risk and helped us immediately refine and better design our measure of controls”.

“Overall we have already seen a drop in exposure since we deployed the Reactec Analytics Platform a few months ago. What is incredibly useful is that the HAVwear also senses the wearers’ vibration exposure during actual tool use which we can view online in the Analytics reports.  This extra layer of information allows us to check for unexpected levels of exposure. It may also help with future training of operators by assessing their technique which can have a huge impact on exposure levels”.

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Brighton & Hove Bus & Coach Company

“The system has exceeded our expectations and allowed us to confidently know the perceived and actual risk of Hand Arm Vibration exposure to our staff. The reporting suite is clear, dynamic and responsive, the customer service has been, so far, exemplary and the product has withstood some scrutiny from our peers and from a visit by the HSE”.

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DAM Structures Limited

"HAVwear is a time saving system which allows us to better protect our employees from HAVs by having actual usage information instantly at our fingertips, rather than relying on estimations of general usage. This information is vital for a steel fabrication company like ourselves, where our employees use grinders on a daily basis”.

"Since deploying HAVwear as part of the Reactec Analytics Platform, the company has used the insight it provides to better control their risk. This has been done by re-designing work allocation and implementing worker rotation using the information provided".

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Morrison Utilties

 “The HAVwear device allows us to gauge vibration levels and ensure awareness of potential risks which we can proactively address by rotating tools or adjusting performance". 


Stirling Council

“Daily monitoring has provided robust exposure data to support the defence of employee litigation of HAVS exposure on recent claims where claimant payments have been considerably reduced”.


Three Sixty SHG Ltd

“Our organisation was looking for a simple, efficient and cost effective way to monitor, report and manage HAVS".

"Our sites involve various construction related activities and therefore the meters and docking stations introduced now allow us to ensure our operatives are not being exposed to excessive levels of vibration".

"The daily notifications and user friendly analytical platform system allow us to operationally assess possible exposures, improving the overall health and safety of our sites and ensure the operatives health and wellbeing are positively considered also. The equipment is proving to be a very good investment to date”


Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council

"I would like to thank the Reactec team and are now fully conversant in the capabilities of ensuring that our staff are monitored and reviewed to allow working practices to be amended and  new in some cases purchase equipment that has less impact on the  individual user to be sourced if it is identified as an issue".

"We have come a long way over the last 2 years and are now reaping the rewards of maintaining a sound monitoring system to ensure the welfare of all our staff are met".


Nottingham City Council 

"Nottingham City Council is a large and varied organisation with staff based all around the city. We needed a more accurate way of managing our vibration exposure levels, whilst keeping the methods straight forward and user friendly - Reactec has provided the solution".

"We can see that the data we are able to obtain will help us manage services and work activities in a much more sophisticated way than before.  It also has the potential for additional benefits such as identifying business cases for tool purchasing and other workforce investments".

"The hardest part has been getting all of the different people within the organisation on board and also setting up the analytics".


J Browne Construction Company Ltd

""Historically J Browne Construction Ltd used a paper / manual system for recording trigger times and employee HAV exposure. This was meaningless data that was rarely evaluated by the organisation due to time constraints".

"JBC took the steps of trialling the HAVwear which proved critical to the business moving forward with the Management and Control of Hand Arm Vibration". 

"The use of HAVwear and reviewing the sensed vibration data has identified the use of the FL22 tool was our key priority to address and further decisions were made by the organisation to review their operational tooling. We are now in the process of trialling lower vibration tooling to support our operations and raising better awareness of HAVS risk to our employees".".


Precision Investment Castings Ltd

"I have found the Reactec analytics platform very intuitive to use, it has been a great help in reducing the vibration exposure to my work force. I have found it invaluable source of information and very helpful".


University of Leicester

"HAVwear has made such a  difference and we are so grateful for the insight it has provided".

"It has highlighted issues that we could not have foreseen, as well as faulty tools that we would not have been able to identify otherwise".


Towergate Insurance

"If any of my clients are employing the use of HAVmeters, then details of this would be included in the presentation for which a premium discount would be allowed from the majority of underwriters. Provided users of the HAVmeters are monitoring the system, and then acting on the information produced, then this is music to the ears of underwriters".


University of Leicester

"HAVwear has made such a  difference and we are so grateful for the insight it has provided".

"It has highlighted issues that we could not have foreseen, as well as faulty tools that we would not have been able to identify otherwise".


Precision Investment Castings Ltd

"I have found the Reactec analytics platform very intuitive to use, it has been a great help in reducing the vibration exposure to my work force. I have found it invaluable source of information and very helpful".



Case Studies


BAM Nuttall - Roy Jackson, Senior Safety Advisor

“BAM Nuttall has always tried to stay on top of the issue of HAVS and ensure the safety of our workforce. In the past, we were trying to accurately estimate the amount of vibration that staff were exposed to ourselves, but this was a lengthy and time-consuming process and we knew that we needed a better system. “When we first introduced HAVmeters two years ago, we saw them as the best option to use to stay ahead of the game on vibration safety. The devices give us a valuable monitoring system that makes sure we know who is working with what machinery and for how long - and provides us with accurate, detailed records of what our teams are exposed to. “We now use HAVmeters in every project where our staff operate vibrating equipment and it is easily the best system on the market for monitoring HAV exposure. By using this equipment, we ensure that we not only keep our workforce safe from injury but also have a robust defence in place to protect ourselves from liability when it comes to vibration issues.”