A single tool for managing and analysing multiple H&S monitored risk data



RASOR is a multi-purpose device with the ability to connect with other Bluetooth enabled health risk sensors (such as HAVwear and noise dosimeters).
In addition to capturing real-time, multiple workforce risks RASOR can provide help to remote and lone workers with location information, slips/trips and fall detection.
  • Real-time visibility of workers’ health risks and safety issues including HAV & noise.
  • Immediate alerts for field supervisor and offsite manager intervention.
  • Seamlessly aggregate, visualize and manage risk data via a single operational view.
  • Alarms for immediate support to panic and man down detection.
Reactec is building on its leading position in personal HAV exposure monitoring and management to provide connected worker technologies that allow customers to make work environments safer.




Track health and safety issues from lone workers to teams of employees
exposed to a variety of risks and who utilise multiple sensors. 




Lone workers have peace of mind with onboard panic and fall alerts notifying other RASOR users nearby and managers. Location mapping and check-in features also further support the health and safety of employees.



Remote supervisors can monitor and be alerted of colleague health and safety risks for immediate intervention as well as real-time alerts to off-site supervisors and managers.



RASOR users can gain real-time visibility into personal work environments from either a HAVwear watch or other sensors within a single device. Onsite supervisors and offsite managers can also be alerted of real-time health issues and even panic and fall alerts.





Exposure monitoring

Monitor and manage data from multiple risk sensors via the RASOR which is
an open platform to third party sensors as well as the Reactec HAVwear watch. 

Hand-Arm Vibration   Whole Body Vibration   Noise   Gas    Dust






The RASOR includes all the features below as a multi-purpose device to
support employees in a number of different roles and work environments.




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