SAFE-DISTANCE is a system to help you be COVID-READY in the workplace

Alerts workers if they have strayed to within an unsafe distance of a colleague in realtime  

Provides corporate ownership of a workplace problem  

Re-purposed industrial grade system - established 2016  

Informs employers of the frequency and duration of close proximity events with GDPR analytics reporting  
  Wrist worn to optimise bluetooth blindspots   Contact tracing - Analytics reporting quickly identifies individuals who have worked in close proximity  
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All current users of Reactec’s HAVwear can immediately request an upgrade to take advantage of the SAFE-DISTANCE system for free to help combat COVID-19 threat. Click here to download the SAFE-DISTANCE brochure




Proven technology


The innovative engineers at Reactec has developed SAFE-DISTANCE on a proven system of personal health risk monitors with automatic safe and resilient data transfer to an intuitive on-line GDPR compliant data analytics.

Over 70,000 individuals have used Reactec’s wrist worn device for monitoring exposure to harmful vibrations whilst over 16,000 users have securely accessed the on-line reporting system.
With over 10 years’ experience of personal health risk monitoring in arduous environments, Reactec is well positioned to bring SAFE-DISTANCE to help your workplace return to work safely.

Socialdistance technology






Helps businesses work safely and efficiently

A HAVwear watch provides users with SAFE-DISTANCE instant alerts to help them avoid being too close to colleagues.
Docking stations gather and transmit data safely for next day automatic SAFE-DISTANCE reporting of social distance behavior.
Add RASOR either in fixed locations or carried by a supervisor to gather live SAFE-DISTANCE breach data.
Supervisors carrying a RASOR can have peace of mind that RASOR will alert them to their own proximity to other HAVwear or RASOR users.



Safedistance technology

Easy to deploy and use 

Rechargeable HAVwear watches are personalised to the wearer on demand removing the need for reliance on long term ownership beyond a shift.


Employee data privacy

Personal information is not shared on HAVwear and is securely stored in a GDPR compliant system hosted by Reactec - click here for data security doc.


Actively Warns Workers 

Maintain a wide detection arc between workers with vibrating and sound alerts when wearers are within an unsafe distance of each other.



Single enterprise solution 

A single system for onsite and remote management of social distancing with analytics fully hosted by Reactec requiring only a browser and company managed login for access.

Proactive alert and alarm system

The watch alerts the wearer when they are within an unsafe distance of other users. Alerts are escalated to respond to the longevity of remaining within an unsafe distance. Managers are automatically alerted, either next day for the simplest deployment, or live with the addition of RASOR.


Multile company support 

SAFE-DISTANCE will provide alert notifications between all users across multiple organisation following GDPR and data protection best practice.



How it works
Safedistance technology
1 All users have their own wrist band and a Reactec ID card used to sign out a HAVwear watch from its docking station at the start of their shift or entry to a site office.
2 The HAVwear watch uses blue-tooth technology to automatically register close interactions with other wearers and immediately warns them with vibration and sound feedback. No personal data is shown
3 The HAVwear watch is returned to a docking station at the end of the shift or when a visitor leaves a site for automatic data gathering to provide automatic emailing of alerts and reports the next day - by 3am.
4 A RASOR device can also be added to gather real-time data from HAVwear devices within the working day for real-time local or remote intervention. RASOR gathers data from all HAVwear devices within a 40m range. A RASOR can be assigned to an individual or mounted at a fixed location in a charger. When assigned to an individual, RASOR will provide warnings to that individual when within an unsafe distance of other HAVwear or RASOR devices.


How does SAFE-DISTANCE determines the proximity of individual wearers
SAFE-DISTANCE determines the proximity of wearers based on the signal strength of Bluetooth radio signals between each device within a vicinity. This provides a good indication when users are within 2 meters of each other as opposed to a measurement of their separation.
SAFE-DISTANCE’s ability to detect proximity of wearers is less hampered by body blocking than that of torso worn devices or smart phone-based apps which may be carried in a pocket. A wrist worn device can benefit from hand/arm movement to allow for a wider arc of personal space monitoring. SAFE-DISTANCE also monitors the duration of proximity and is configured to avoid raising false alarms from colleagues being close for very short periods - such as briefly walking past each other.


Intuitive Analytics
The Reactec Analytics is an on-line hosted data management system, with over 12,000 users who benefit from access to GDPR compliant management of their employees data and informative automatic reporting and recording of interventions.
Reactec Analytics allows you to review the behaviour of all your employees including the number and duration of unsafe distancing events.

If contact tracing is required, use this data internally to review which workers might need to be managed in line with your isolation policies. Drill into each operator’s contact list over a specified period of time, when contact tracing is required.


About Reactec
SAFE-DISTANCE was developed due to the COVID-19 crisis. Reactec reviewed their product offering and were quickly able to show that their existing products - HAVwear and RASOR - could be repurposed to support social distance via a remote software upgrade. . 
All customers already using Reactec technology can upgrade to take advantage of the SAFE-DISTANCE system.
Reactec is keen to point out that SAFE-DISTANCE is a workplace solution – it cannot monitor social distancing off-site and of course, it cannot mitigate all risk but it is an invaluable part of a workplace toolkit.

HAVwear is in use by a number of leading companies in the UK, including British Airways, Network Rail, Murphy Group, Morgan Sindall, Balfour Beatty, Costain, the Environment Agency, Siemens and Babcock. Reactec’s technology is also in use across major infrastructure projects including HS2.
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