HAVwear & Reactec Analytics 

Capture real-time, personal exposure to Hand-Arm Vibration risk across your workforce. 


Reduce the guess work of Hand-Arm Vibration exposure risk assessments to design and monitor the most effective controls. 

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Introducing live exposure management for the connected & lone worker.

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HSE confirms HAVwear is a suitable tool for improving your Hand-Arm Vibration risk management.

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What HAVwear & Reactec Analytics can do for you





Prioritise & verify the effectiveness of controls


Robust & credible evidence to assist defence of claims


Assess real life risk of HAV exposure


Clarifies risk assessments.


Auditable data provides a more robust defence


Personal instead of generic risk management.


Identify the source of exposure and prioritise highest risk areas.

      Individual daily exposure and tool usage reports.      Real-time exposure monitoring for a credible risk assessment

Aids design and recording of controls based on data analysis.

      Intervention recording.      Practical system to monitor individial daily exposure.

Review controls and assess effectiveness.

      Reduced cost of individual exposure record collation.      Operator awareness of personal exposure supports behavioural change.
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Unique ability to determine HAV exposure by trigger time & real-life exposure risk

1. Following regulations and latest HSE guidance use a HAVwear as a tool timer with a pre-defined vibration.
2. The HAVWEAR watch has the revolutionary ability to provide a more representative assessment of vibration risk - based on the vibration transmitted to the tool user. 
+ Real-time calculation and display of personal HAV daily exposure points.
+ Operator alerted when personal EAV and ELV exposure values are exceeded.

What is Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome?

There is no cure for HAVS, only prevention 2 million UK workers exposed to high levels*
300,000 suffering advanced stages*
You can develop HAVS within 6 months.
10% of employees exposed at the exposure action level will contract HAVS within 12 years or within 6 years if exposed to the exposure limit level. (HSE)
“Exposure below the Action Value cannot be considered safe...” (HSE)



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How HAVwear works

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Wearable HAV exposure risk monitoring with real-time exposure points calculation & threshold alerts.

HAV exposure risk mobile App

Monitor your team's exposure to  address risk in the field.

Analytics reports

Automated online & email reports to drive risk reduction activity & identify hidden risks.

Controls measure & intervention

Log intervention notes; add and track HAV control measures against targets.



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