What is Hand Arm Vibration (HAVS)?

There is no cure for HAVS, only prevention

2 million UK workers exposed to high levels*

300,000 suffering advanced stages*

You can develop HAVS within 6 months.

50% of all reported Occupational industrial diseases are HAVS related (HSE 2012)

*Medical Research Council

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Greater support of HSE guidance

Design and measure the effectiveness of controls

  • More accurate assessment of exposure.
  • Unique information to help deploy the most effective measure of controls
  • Helps educate and involve all duty holders.
  • Measure the effectiveness of controls to aid design changes.


The HAVWEAR monitors encourage operators to become pro-active, actively looking for tool/job rotation or better planning of shifts etc. Providing easier access to exposure reports helps increase awareness throughout a company of the measure of controls and activities to revise them. The reports also provide greater accuracy and insight to aid designing out exposure through work and tool planning.

Better protect workers from HAVS risks

Continuous monitoring for
continuous improvement

  • Greater accuracy of exposure monitoring.
  • Supports workers on reduced points.
  • Highlights increased exposure from poor tool use or performance.
  • Supervisor rapid intervention support with emailed reports & alerts


Any level of vibration exposure is unsafe so deploying controls as robustly as possible is essential. The Reactec Analytics Platform will support reduction activity to make what was once difficult or inaccurate, reasonable and practical.

Robust defence against litigation

Instant access to accurate, historical
& auditable data

  • Continuous monitoring provides conclusive exposure records.
  • Instant access to data reduces preparation time.
  • Reduced risk helps secure lowest insurance premiums.
Defending a HAVS related claim requires documentation of a claimant’s exposure based on historical tool usage and work history. Employers who have reduced exposure risk, as low as reasonably practical, can still find this process problematic due to lack of conclusive exposure records.

How it works

Fully automated tracking & reporting

  1. Tool operators attach the HAVWEAR to their wrist to calculate vibration exposure points.
  2. At the end of a shift placing a HAVWEAR onto a Docking station will transmit their data to the online Reactec reports website.
  3. Employees with access can view allocated reports from a team, project  to companywide reports 24/7.

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